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The Pardoner's Tale Video

The pardoner starts telling a story of a group of young men, who spend their time drinking. There are three things the pardoner discribes gluttony, drunknesses, and swearing. Gluttony identifies as the sin that first caused the fall of mankind in eden. Drunkenness makes a man seem mad and witless. Swearing means it offends God. The three men sat down drinking. They saw a funeral knell, they found out it was one of their old friend. As soon as they found out that death killed his friend, they went after death thinking that death is a person. As they walked down the street they saw an old man they asked him if he has seen death he replyed no. I been waithing for it all my life. The three old man directed them into an oak tree, when they got to the tree they found a bag of gold. After the three rioters have found the gold coins. They started thinking on how they were going to move the coins. They were thinking and while they were thinking, they send the youngest to get the wine and bread in town. So, he went. After he left, the two young men were thinking that if they kill their comrades.They will have the the largest share. But, as the youngest rioter was getting the supplies, he was having the same thought through his mind. He bougt the strongest poison and put it in the wine. As he was approching his friends they stabbed him. To celebrate they drank the poisoned wine. In an instant they died.